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Our QMEDBIN research group has as partners to several academic institutions and editorials mentioned as follows: 


  1. International Natural Products Sciences Taskforce (INPST):

  2. Elsevier:

  3. Future Sciences Group:

  4. International Society of Ethnopharmacology:

  5. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

  6. Marine Drugs:

  7. Molecules:

  8. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI):

  9. Nanomedicine Center of Excellence in Translational Cancer Research (Nanomedicine COE-TCR):

  10. Nutrheff – Nutraceutical Health Enhancing Functional Food:

  11. Nutrients:

  12. NutriKeto:

  13. Pharmaceuticals:

  14. Pharmaceutics:

  15. SILAE:

  16. University of Florida:

  17. Gazi University:

  18. Institute of Food Sciences-National Research Council (CNR):

  19. University of Santiago de Compostela:

  20. University of Pavia:

  21. Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan:

  22. Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences (BMSU):

  23. University of Vienna:

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