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The aim of QMEDBIN research group is focused in the study of active compounds from natural and/or synthetic sources in the diverse medical and therapeutic treatment against chronic disease and mood dysfunctions on Central Nervous Systems (CNS). Moreover, recently we are starting to explore the different pharmacological applications of adding metals either copper or zinc, for instance, as metal complexes with a reduced number of heterocycle compounds, whose physical chemistry properties can show the ability to afford singlet oxygen as toxic macromolecules in the treatment of different types of cancer (photodynamic therapy, for instance).

Thus, QMEDBIN research group has started an internal process from 2019 to compile our skills and expertise in the scope of chemistry linked to pharmaceutical activities of active molecules, from natural or synthetic way, for combating either mental dysfunctions or chronic diseases, and several aspects on antifungal drugs that our research could improve. Hence, at present our efforts have been focused onto organo-metallic compounds with biological effects and possible alternatives in a wide spectra of commercial drugs, as well.

As Medicinal Chemistry has showed during several decades to be an effective tool to give answer to the side effects of the drugs, for instance, by using modified natural products and utilizing other chemical aspects such as computational chemistry (molecular docking) in order to design more active compounds by means of little modifications on the chemical framework of the active pattern, the support of several collaborators in the research field of the natural products and therapeutic chemistry have influenced our academic task, giving out new effective knowledge and to be a help and support in the formation of new younger scientist highly motivated in this research field.

Finally, we welcome to all our colleagues and students to learn and understanding of the different research lines that QMEDBIN research group has developed, and can offer an expedited alternative to carry out their academic projects and, therefore, to afford publications of high impact and to get in collaboration grants and/or international patents inside the following three main research fields:

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